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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fancy Jasper Rosary Bracelet with Bronze medals

These fancy Jasper gemstones go with everything.  The variations in the shades are so neutral you can wear it with almost any outfit.  This is a very versatile rosary bracelet, and after all isn't that what you need in a rosary bracelet?

8mm Crazy Lace Agate Rosary

Now, my personal favorite rosary does change from week to week, but I must say, I have a lasting love affair with Blue Crazy Lace Agate.  Sadly, of late, all the strands that my friends and I order are garishly neon and without the brown swirls that we love.  For this reason, I refuse to put this rosary up for sale, until I have the beads to remake it.  I have some ordered from a new source though.  So if they have the beauty promised, I will put this one in my shop and make another for myself!

African Opal Agate Gemstone Rosary

Its always exciting to discover something new, and that especially applies to beads.  I recently found this African Opal Agate bead and find it quite fascinating.  The tones of browns and grays and the variations in these bead transfixes me.  Be sure to zoom into this photo to see the interesting colors...its so hard for photos to do these rosaries justice!   I can't decide if this rosary will appeal to other woman, as it is masculine in nature...but I do like it!