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Friday, February 18, 2011

More Sacrifice Bead Designs!

Last year on  October 11, the Feast of St. Therese, I felt the inspiration to improve my Sacrifice beads and make them better than ever.  It took a little time to find the parts I needed and bring my ideas to fruition but yesterday, at last, I unveiled several new design variations. 

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My first design was to add a toggle clasp (shown above) Since after all, if the beads are not easy to carry, who can use them?  This toggle clasp makes it very easy to attach your Sacrifice beads to a belt loop, a key chain, or a purse.

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My second design variation was to make these sacrifice beads into a bracelet form with 10 beads and a St. Therese medal, and a small magnetic clasp.  This is also a very practical way to keep your beads with you throughout the day. The clasp is tiny and unobtrusive, yet allows you to pull your bracelet on and off without effort.

After making that bracelet, I had another design inspiration.  Since there was so much extra cord that was loose in a bracelet length, why not make it into a full rosary bracelet.  In other words, after adding 10 Hail Mary beads, I tied a knot and add 5 movable Our Father beads.  This way, you can move the Our Father beads to count which decade you are on.   It also occurred to me that this would make a masculine looking rosary bracelet for the guys.  So I removed the St. Therese medal and replaced it with a single crucifix.  My idea being that men would like a smaller, simpler medal.
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I felt affirmed with my new ideas because each of my designs was purchased within hours of listing them for the first time.  I am excited to continue to offer these designs, as practical and beautiful for adults as for for children....Oh and on that last note, I will soon be offering these beads in Sacrifice bead kits to be used for Little Flower groups.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scarf Holder

Antique Reproduction Scarf Holder

Look at the detail in this beautiful Scarf holder.  Originally I believe it was designed to be used as a Rosary Center....a long time ago!  Now that is one large fancy rosary.  A lady in Australia, who goes by Aussie Annie had the idea to make them into Scarf Holders.  I want to give her credit, because I would not have thought of this myself.  I think it is such a beautiful way to utilize this eye-catching piece that I had to make one!  All I had to do was attach a chain and a few crystals, and Voila! Scarf Holder!

I have another idea for its use, but you'll have to wait for that surprise!

To the right you can see that the clasp allows you to tighten or loosen the hold according to your needs.  All the parts in this construction are solid bronze, except the Swarovski crystals, that add a little bling!

This Scarf Holder is available in my Etsy Shop.

Zipper pulls and Necklaces....new Saint medals in stock

Female Patron Saint Necklaces
Female Saint Zipper pulls
I love the unique details of these beautiful antique reproduction medals.  They are detailed on the front and the back.  I came up with the idea to attach them to a lobster claw last year,  but have only offered them with St. Christopher and the Four Way medal....until now.  The other zipper pulls have been so popular I thought it would be very helpful for Confirmation gifts to offer them in a variety of Patron Saints.

I also have solid brass chains so they can be worn in the traditional manner, if that is your preference.  Personally, I find I wear more beaded necklaces than chains...but that's because I make them! 

The great thing about a zipper pull is its not just for zippers! You can attach your medal to a key ring, purse, or wherever you would like.  Its a great reminder of your faith and special devotion.

To see the listing for purchase, click on the title of the picture.
Male Saint Zipper Pulls