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Friday, December 17, 2010

Free Downloadable Creches....Awesome!

Take a look at these beautiful down loadable Christmas Creches on the Paper Model Kiosk site.   Many are free, some cost a small fee.  All are beautiful and so easy to make or give!

 Clube Amigos do Presépio founder Celso Battistini C. Rosa of Brazil shares a vintage crèche from his collection. 

"A crèche," Celso says, "doesn't just continue an old tradition — it reveals the true meaning of Christmas. Because it reminds us that the Babe was born for us all; because it allows us to recognize that God invited everyone — rich and poor, magi and shepherds — to the manger.

"When I was a child, I simply couldn't wait to put up the
Christmas nativity in our house. I kept asking my Mom if I could start, and she would say, 'We have to clean the house first; that will take about a month.'
"Do you know how long a month is for a child? I didn't understand why
we had to wait for so long to start decorating. Nowadays, I smile remembering Christmases past, and I tell my children, 'We'll start putting up our creches even though the house may not be clean!'

"And I try to instill in my children not just an appreciation of nativities as art—but make them aware of their message…"

Visit them on the web at http://www.papermodelkiosk.com/shop/index.php

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Mary! I love it and I shared it on my website.