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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

St. Therese Sacrifice Beads now in stock!

Back by popular demand.. St. Therese Sacrifice beads!
I have been unable to make these St. Therese Sacrifice beads, because my source for cord, FNT Industries, went out of business.  Amazingly, FNT seems to have been the only internet source for rosary cord!  No one else had colors or this size.  The internet buzz was one of distress and panic as corded rosary makers were scrambling to find an affordable source for their mission rosaries.

I would have just given up, except that Googlers kept requesting my beads!  (It feels so good to be loved:)  On the Feast of St. Therese (Oct 15) I felt too much heavenly pressure that I resolved to find a way!  I had to do an extensive search for cording, ordered many different kinds...a lot of trial and error...mostly error.  But finally, I have found it!

The gold thread is the color I will stock.
So here they are. Although I have several colors pictured, most of these strands were sample cord.  After these are sold, I will only be offering the gold corded beads.  As I use up some of that massive spool, I will be able to purchase other colors of cord.

These Sacrifice beads are even better than the originals.  I now have new medals, all solid bronze antique reproductions.  I am offering the beads at $13.00 per set. Visit Graceful Rosaries to purchase. I wish I could make them more affordable for children....but most of the cost is in  the medals. 

History of the Beads:
When St. Therese was a young girl she began the practice of counting out her acts of love for Our Lord, on a string of beads. You too can follow her example of holiness with this beautiful string of beads.

The Sacrifice Beads can also double as a one decade rosary. I have strung 10 beads for the Hail Mary's and 1 bead separated by knots, for the Our Father.

The beads are beautifully detailed wooden beads, strung on nylon cord. They slide easily when pushed up or down, yet they stay in their place when left alone.


  1. Beautiful!

    BTW, I love your work. :) Your rosaries are so creative and beautiful! And I'm going to need to find some scapular medas of my own. Goodness know I'm sick of trying to tuck the strings and getting them to stay put all day.


  2. What an interesting story on St Therese. I will share this story with my family

  3. Oh thanks so much for your encouragement! Your feedback is music to my ears! As for scapular medals...I've found some that are smaller, so more affordable and practical! I will take some pictures and post them on the blog...tomorrow if I can. God bless!