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Thursday, August 9, 2012

White Bronze Rosary Parts have arrived!

White bronze rosaries are finally here!  Many of you may be wondering  what is White Bronze?  White Bronze is not actually Bronze.  Both are metal alloy...but the recipes are different.  Bronze, is made of copper with Tin as the main additive, whereas, White Bronze is made of copper, tin, and zinc.  It is also known as ‘Miralloy’. 

White Bronze is the new alternative to nickel and silver.  There are several reason for its recent popularity.  With the price of precious metals on an all-time high, White Bronze is so much more affordable than silver.   It has the look of aged silver, it ages to a warmer tone but does not tarnish as quickly as sterling silver. 

Bronze, Copper and White Bronze in Precious Metal Clay
Both Bronze and White Bronze are very strong, resist corrosion and breakdown, are solderable, non-magnetic, smooth and virtually non-porous. This makes these metals a perfect choice for rosary parts with detail and durability!

With the rising cost of sterling silver on the global market more and more rosary makers were turning to pewter or plated parts for their rosary making.  Pewter is not a very strong metal and often lacks the detail and durability.   Silver plated rosary parts have a copper base that is electroplated with silver.  The silver layer is incredibly thing and it is most disappointing how quickly a base of copper can start showing through.
In the jewelry making industry, nickel had become a popular choice.  But unfortunately many people developed nickel allergies.  Do you know a documented 15% of the US population currently has nickel allergies...as opposed to 10% during the 80's.  With allergies to nickel on the rise, it is no wonder that nickel is  being banned for jewellery use in the European Union.  Thankfully, White Bronze is considered the safe alternative to nickel.

I am thrilled that our caster for the antique reproduction rosary parts is now providing pieces in white Bronze.  I don't know about you...but I have never been so intrigued by metal before!

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  1. White bronze certainly is an interesting material! I like the sound of it too! Thank you! :D

    God keep you I pray! :D