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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some common questions....

I recieved this information from a fellow Etsy seller and felt that it was worth sharing....

*******************What is Gold Filled?****************

"14K gold filled will not tarnish, crack, chip, peel, or turn your skin green. Under normal circumstances it will last an entire lifetime. Gold filled is not plated. It is a tube of solid 14K gold that is then filled with jeweler's brass. There is 100 times more gold in gold filled than in gold plate. The cost of gold filled fluctuates with the daily gold market on the stock exchange. 14K gold filled matches your solid 14K gold jewelry perfectly because that is exactly what you are looking at - 14K gold".

****************************What is Vermeil?*************************

Vermeil sometimes called silver gilt, is a combination of sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals. A typical example is sterling silver coated with 22 carat (92%) gold or 14 carat (58 %) gold. To be considered vermeil, the gold must also be at least 10 carat (42 %) and be at least 1.5 micrometres thick.

*************************CLEANING TIPS***************************

The best cleaning solution for Sterling Silver is 'Haggerty's' or 'Goddards' Silver Dip. It's a clear liquid. You dip your Sterling in it for a few seconds and rinse off. Then Voila! It's sparkling clean. I found that other liquid cleaners don't work as well, so if you can't find it, order it on line, Amazon.com has it. It's safe on gems, but try to avoid getting it on pearls, (use a Que-tip around the pearl area).

** I actually use Silver Dip for Sterling, Vermeil, Gold Filled, Brass, and Copper. It is a great, and instant all-around cleaner.