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Friday, November 25, 2011

Marys Shelter Fundraiser a huge success!

Here I am with my Graceful Rosaries pieces.
Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a Craft Fair to raise money for Marys Shelter, homes for unwed mothers and their children.

The Craft Fair  was a lovely warm inviting event.  The set up and feel was more like a boutique, and there was tea and cookies, and lots of friendly faces!

Best of all, it was a huge success too, raising $2,800.00 And this money all goes to REAL life saving babies!

Marys Shelter gives women in crisis pregnancies a place to live, and the support they need to get back on their feet so they can make better life choices for themselves and their babies.

I got photos of all the rosary shop pieces.  But I apologize for not getting good photos of the other lovely donations.  There were beautiful paper crafts and greeting cards, table linens, beautifully knitted scarves and cowls, baby items and more!  A special thanks to Adele from FiberFads who organized the event. 
Look how pretty Sarah's Clay Rosaries and Jewelry look here.  Donated by Clay Rosaries.
The beautiful stars were made by Lolli...I need some for my window below!!!

I need to get some better display options for next year!

Bridget had a huge selection of Rosaries and necklaces from her Beads for Mary shop.


  1. Mary, Thank you for including me in this post! I told Adele, I didn't think it was good for my business to be next to your beautiful rosaries! Mary's Shelter is indeed greatly blessed to have your donation of skill, artistic flair and generosity. God Bless you!

  2. Oh Sarah,

    You are too sweet! Your work is an inspiration to me! Your gorgeously vibrant pieces were such an asset to the fundraiser. I wish you could have seen all those people gushing over the gorgeous clay beads! I have a particular fondness for the stretchy bracelets you make. Maybe because I own one:) Truly personal works of art...a canvas in each bead....I LOVE them!

  3. Beautiful!! I think it was all displayed nicely!!

  4. Mary, I love the necklace that bought at the fundraiser that you made...the purple Jasper one...I will definitely have to buy more in the future!

  5. Heidi, How nice to know you liked the necklace you bought! I never know who ends up with the things I donate...and then I run into folks months later and find out they have one:) Thanks for your note!

  6. Donna, Thank you for stopping by my blog and as always for your encouragement! So fun to meet people like you through my shop:)

  7. Hi Mary, I found your blog linked from Sarah's and came over to say hello! I think it's wonderful that you sold your rosaries to raise money for a shelter for women and their babies. We have a new one that opened up in Chicago called The Well of Mercy and they too have residences for single moms and their babies. What a gift that is to a struggling single mom!

  8. Mary, lovely display. Congratulations on your success

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  10. Noreen,
    It is so heartening to know that women have the help they need to choose life. I did side walk counseling about 20 yrs ago...but it was so hard because there was no great place to recommend these ladies to go. They didn't have ongoing support for like they do today. Thanks be to God that so many homes are opening up!
    It is wonderful news:)
    Thanks for your note!