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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Most of us know the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe.   But have you heard the miracle fully explained.  In the video link below, Brother Peter Diamond from VaticanCatholic.com explains all the miraculous occurrences surrounding the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  It is an educated and highly researched explanation.  It is very exciting and inspiring.  I highly recommend you view this remarkable video...
  The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

....Amazing things happen when God is the artist!


  1. This is such a beautiful image! Thanks for sharing the link : )

  2. I have read and seen this before and I am still amazed!!

  3. Thanks for looking! I knew the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe before...but having the miracle explained has been a major inspiration to me. Being a painter myself (though a small one) I find great excitement to see what new heights art can take when God takes on the task without a middle man.