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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Novena for Advent.

On the Eve of the Feast of St. Andrew, I would like to invite you all to pray the Novena of St. Andrew also called the Christmas Novena...

I would like to ask that you join me in praying for Matthew Wise who is age 24 and has been acutely suffering for over 40 days in the ICU.  He has ARDS (intensive respiratory distress sindroan ).  He needs healing in his body, and Peace and Consolation in his soul as he endures such a tremendous suffering through his illness.

UPDATE:  Jesus called Matthews soul to himself on Nov 30 at 8:27 pm.  My prayers on now with him for the repose of his soul, and the consolation of his family.  Requiescat in Pace.

Hail and blessed be the hour and the moment 
in which the Son of God
was born of the most pure Virgin Mary,
at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold. 
In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God! 
to hear my prayer and grant my desires,
(hear mention your request)
through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, 
and of His Blessed Mother. 


(It is piously believed that whoever recites the above prayer fifteen times a day from the feast of St. Andrew (30th November) until Christmas will obtain what is asked.)

+MICHAEL AUGUSTINE, Archbishop of New York
New York, February 6, 1897

Click here to print a copy of the prayer for your convenience.

Below is a picture of a St. Andrew Chaplet with such a sweet little baby Jesus medal!  A beautiful piece for meditation of this prayer.  It is has SOLD out....but I may get another one in stock before Advent is through.
This sweet baby Jesus medal is precious on this St. Andrew Chaplet

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